Cityscapes Festival at 47/49 Tanner Street 2015

Cityscapes Festival at 47/49 Tanner Street 2015


Collaborators sought for event in 2015 with Ensemble Perpetuo


Ensemble Perpetuo are are joining forces with 47/49 Tanner Street for an immersive event being planned for 2015. This progressive chamber music collective are inviting theatre companies, poets, artists, photographers, writers, sculptors or digital artists to collaborate for a special event to take place across all three floors of 47/49 Tanner Street.

This theme of the event is Cityscapes and will form part of Ensemble Perpetuo’s inaugural season.  ensemble Perpetuo will be performing  both contemporary and more traditional classical music that has been inspired by various cities across the world. They are most interested in finding individuals and collectives who think they would like to contribute either performances that will be interweaved with music, or exhibitions that can be displayed across the entire building as part of this festival. We are trying to create an immersive experience for visitors that enriches the musical performance from being a traditional concert into something that is cross-disciplinary and attracts a wide variety of people who are interested in experiencing music in a completely different context.

We are open to a wide variety of suggestions at this stage and welcome any proposals or informal enquiries. For more information or to send your proposals, please contact James Turnbull at  or Polly Robbins at

Download the brief here or find out more about Ensemble Perpetuo on their website

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