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City Hunt Blackfriars

From 15th - 21st September 2014, 47/49 will be bringing City Hunt to the Blackfriars MileBlackfriars_2_web

City Hunt is an exciting week-long treasure hunt taking place on the Blackfriars Mile, with great prizes to be won. Players can work alone or in teams to solve a list of clues, either on the City Hunt mobile website, or with a hunt pack picked up from a participating local business. To solve the clues, players will be required to explore the streets around Blackfriars Road, between the bridge and St George's Circus. The game can be completed at a leisurely pace, or for the more competitive players, there will also be an option to enrol in a time-trial version of the game, with a few extra ways to win prizes and have fun! City Hunt is a great way to discover quirky facts and hidden gems about the area.

City Hunt was commissioned by Southwark Council, as part of Blackfriars Stories. Blackfriars Stories is a programme of cultural events celebrating life along the Blackfriars Mile. Blackfriars Road is a grand route from the river to the Elephant. But it's much more as well. Whether you're a local or a first-timer, Blackfriars Stories will surprise, delight and intrigue you. From the Dog and Pot to the Circus, Blackfriars Road has stories by the mile!



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