Rosie Slay / Co-Founder and Director
Rosie co-founded 47/49 in August 2012 with Scarlett. She has a background in environmental activism and youth work and is particularly interested in initiatives which rethink people’s approaches to each other and the environment, such as time banking. Rosie heads up the time banking programme, and is also developing arts and environmental education programmes.


Polly Robbins / Director

Polly joined 47/49 in November 2013 and became a director in January 2014. She got to know 47/49 Tanner Street after curating Not A Drop at the space, an art show raising awareness of issues surrounding water. Polly has a rather eclectic but very fitting background in developing empty buildings into arts spaces, running community education projects, and campaigning on global political issues. She is particularly passionate about raising awareness through the arts and building networks across disciplines.

Scarlett Plouviez Comnas / Founder

Scarlett founded 47/49 with Rosie in 2012 and as Artistic Director was fundamental in developing the organisation’s cultural and business strategy. Scarlett left 47/49 at the end of 2013 to lead on a number of theatre projects and continue her work as a freelance director. Keep up to date with what she’s doing by following her on Twitter @scarldawn.



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