About Us

47/49 is a contemporary arts organisation in London.

We work at the intersection of space, people and ideas.


In 2012 we opened our first project space, 47/49 Tanner Street,  unlocking an empty 19th century warehouse in Bermondsey for a wide range of creative uses. Many spaces in London remain under-used, and we work to release untapped potential and provide a fresh context for the arts. As a social enterprise, we find new and sustainable methods of managing buildings, and balance professional hires with supported projects.



47/49 is committed to producing work that directly engages its audience in new and dynamic ways. We are interested in how the arts can grow and flourish in our changing world, breaking down barriers and reaching out to broader audiences with unique live experiences.

47/49 starts conversations, brokers relationships, and seeks increased opportunities for emerging artists and thinkers. Collaboration plays a central role in our work, as we believe working and developing together leads to more inclusive and ambitious plans.


As a multi-disciplinary organisation, we create and support work that communicates bold new ideas, whatever the medium used. We believe that the arts can respond to the challenges of today, exploring different perspectives and approaches, and re-imagining our shared future. 47/49 supports ideas that: challenge the status quo, get at the heart of a matter, advocate for grassroots change, engage spectators in a new way, surprise us.

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