Conspire Presents: Flight
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Conspire Presents: Flight

47/49 is seeking submissions for our next Conspire event.

Humans can’t fly, can they?

There is a strong and persistent thread of popular culture which imagines that we can fly, from Icarus right through to Superman. And over the last century or so, we’ve found a multitude of ways to realise this ambition through science, engineering and arts.

The invention of aircraft was one of the crowning achievements of the 20th century; yet now environmentalists argue that air travel represents a huge threat to a sustainable future. Bumblebees mystified physicians for years by propelling their substantial weight from flower to flower. President Obama’s endorsement of drones in warfare has discredited his government in the eyes of his former supporters.

For the next Conspire we are seeking specialists, experts and dedicated hobbyists to use these words as a springboard to educate and provoke our audience.

Conspire is a bi-monthly evening event of talks, performances and demonstrations that aims to spark discussion and find common ground between disciplines. We focus on work that uses unusual creative means to communicate poignant and polemical subjects. For this event we will curate three contributors and another four will be selected from public submissions.

We are open to any interpretation of the theme, particularly contributions that have a basis in political ideas, scientific investigation or those that have particular artistic merit.

Submissions are now open. We have partnered with IdeasTap who are offering up to 4 successful applicants who apply through them £50. Please see the IdeasTap application here. Or, if you’d prefer to apply directly to 47/49 Tanner Street, without the chance of winning £50, please fill out the application form here.

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