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The whole building is available for time bankers to use when we don’t have a commercial booking. Check out Our Spaces for more information and photos. We offer the space on weekdays from 10am-6pm.

Please note that The Factory and The Loft can get very cold during winter months!


- Professional Photography
We often need photos of the space and events.

Building stuff, making stuff, decorating and maintaining the lovely 47/49 Tanner Street
3-8 hours available on activity days. Ongoing.

- Other Stuff
We often have a need for ushers and bar staff when we do events, and occasionally for specific marketing or research projects. If you think you have something in particular to offer


If you would like to make good use of some available space / clock up some time banking credits by volunteering, just drop an email to

47/49 Tanner Street has a constantly changing schedule, so we are unable to guarantee availability.

Last updated: 22/03/13.



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