Not a Drop
NGOs and charities leading on water issues across the world spoke at the event
IMG_0089 1
A Mexican water bar gave away traditional water based drinks and snacks
Kids found out more about water during a series of art workshops
IMG_0015 1
Experimenting with ice and music
Not a Drop

Not a Drop was a 48 hour arts event which showcased the work of over 50 artists, saw speeches from several environmental and human rights leaders and delivered workshops to local children. What tied all of this activity together was a collective interest in water; what it’s made of, who has access to it, and what social and environmental issues it throws up.

Ambitious aquaponics projects were exhibited, which offer an innovative water-based solution to food scarcity in urban environments. A fog collector showed how countries facing drought might collect water. Performance collective ‘Bad Host Theatre’ imagined a London underwater. The event was a massive success with almost 500 people attending over the weekend.

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