Boldface 3D Film

Ichthys from Joy Ng on Vimeo.


A 3D film project made by young people working with Boldface Productions, an organisation which helps young people achieve their full potential through film-making.

The film was subsequently chosen to be screened in the Visionaries {Youth in 3D} event at the British Film Institute in December 2012.

Ichthys is the Koine Greek word for fish and represents a fish profile symbol. This was used by early Christians to communicate their beliefs in a hidden manner. This film portrays a rebellion against mass media and the social expectations placed on people by society. This is communicated through the anxiety and frustration held by the early Christians and also through a style of street dance called krumping. Krumping was often used as a release for youth who wanted to escape gang life and the dance is characterised by free, aggressive, exaggerated and improvised movements.

Click above to see the video in a 2D version!

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