The Alchemy Of The Purple Ladies

The Alchemy Of The Purple Ladies

Picture 21

16th March 2013
as part of International Women’s Day weekend at 47/49

A multidisciplinary arts event from the Purple Ladies Collective, bringing together physical and visual performances and an interactive live installation.

Human Possibilities
by Lina Jungergard and Christelle Lafille
An extraordinary story of a woman and her washing maching, told with poetry, aerial circus, dance, sound and projections. One day, a friend suddenly appears inside the woman’s washing machine, unveiling an intimate story of mutual trust, love and laughter. After years of endless routine appears a vision of desire, a spectrum of possibilities infinitely wider than could have been imagined.

The Woman Who Lost Her Head
by Andrea Meneses Guerrero
A woman trapped in monotony experiences dreams and memories from a past life, prompting a journey of self-discovery and transformation. The piece explores themes of identity, karma and inner reality and features corporeal mime, aerial rope and an eclectic soundtrack.

The Seed Of Bones
by Agnieszka Kapuscinska
A multidisciplinary work which tells a story of dismemberment, fragmentation and renewal. Inspired by the Dance of the Dead and other diverse and ancient ritual practices, this new work is the culmination of several years study with shamanic practitioners from South America.

Wilgefortis Project
by Dagmara Bilon
A live interactive installation inspired by the bearded Saint Wilgefortis and performed by Alice Tatge. A new work bringing to life the bearded Saint, who was suppressed and dropped from the church calendar in 1969, and celebrating the Wilgefortis cult, which empowered women to release themselves from abusive husbands.

Doors open at 7pm.
Tickets: £8 adults / £5 concessions and purple outfits
Location: 47-49 Tanner Street, London, SE1 3PL
Nearest stations: London Bridge, Bermondsey

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